Inframodel4 to be adopted on the 1st of February 2018
mennessä buildingSMART Finland | tammi 24, 2018

From the 1st of February 2018, the Finnish Transport Agency and all major Finnish cities will require the Inframodel4 standard to be used in new design and implementation projects. As a rule, the requirement will only apply to materials delivered to the customer. This will ensure that the information will be available in a software-independent, open format to all parties involved in the further planning and construction phases of the project. For bridges and other engineering structures, the IFC standard will continue to be applied.

Inframodel (IM) is an open format developed in Finland for the transfer of infrastructural information. The format is based on the international LandXML standard. Use of the Inframodel3 version of the standard has been required since 2014. It is used in design software as well as in measurement, machine control and auditing applications. The demands of major public-sector customers had a decisive impact on the adoption of the standard. Harmonised practices and the open data model-based format have improved the efficiency of design and construction.

Inframodel4 expands intelligent, machine-readable data transfer to cover nearly all infrastructure design and construction needs. Significant benefits are provided in particular by the more extensive use of data on materials and other attributes.

New areas and subjects added to the standard include:

• As-built data
• Properties of soil layers in the sub soil model
• Surface structures and properties of their materials
• Properties of the materials of structural layers
• New network types: municipal heating/cooling, gas, waste
Properties of bases
• Space reservations for wire and cable routing
• Properties of railings and fences
• Sub-grade reinforcement: column stabilisation

Infra owners also support the adoption of Inframodel4 in projects that are being launched before the 1st February 2018.

The specifications of Inframodel4 have been drawn up in cooperation with representatives of the industry, in the infrastructure standardisation committee of buildingSMART Finland (bSF). The specifications of Inframodel4 were finalised and sample materials prepared in 2017. Technology suppliers have already started the implementation of IM4. Joint workshops lasting one or two days will be held for testing.

End user manual – for designers, builders and customers – includes clear and practical examples.

Additional information on the contents and adoption of Inframodel4 is available from https://buildingsmart.fi/infrabim/inframodel/.

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mennessä buildingSMART Finland | tammi 24, 2018